The Completely Ignored Podcast

S5, E2: Toronto Mike on Shakespeare My Butt (Lowest of the Low)

June 12, 2019

This episode is neither rosy nor grey as Toronto podcast icon Toronto Mike joins the fellas to talk Lowest of the Low. This, of course, is the band who has served as the longtime outro music on the Toronto Mike'd podcast and will be the musical guest at Mike's next Toronto Mike'd Listener Experience. Lots to like here as part of a deep discussion of the band's 1991 debut Shakespeare My Butt. Personally, we think the "Did LOTL resonate outside Toronto?" chats are most interesting with Sammy bringing plenty of Winnipeg POVs. We also talk about a pile of 1990s Toronto rockers (including hHead) and share memories, moods about the passing of Dave "Bookie" Bookman.