The Completely Ignored Podcast

S5, E5: Stu Stone on OK Computer (Radiohead)

July 3, 2019

Wikipedia calls him "a Canadian film, television, and voice-over actor as well as a producer of television, film and music". We call him a kick-ass guest. His name is Stu Stone and his album of choice is OK Computer, the 1997 opus from famously moody dudes Radiohead. This is a great episode about a great album with Stu talking about how his relationship with this band evolved through high school, his California years and back through the present day. There's also a few details about Stu and Cam moshing to Radiohead during The Bends tour (this show!!!), Chicago (the band, not the city), Cayne's Super Housewares and Billy Corgan hitting people in the head with guitars. Lots of range.